Vestibular Disease

Question? So suddenly your senior K9 starts to tilt their head and then moments later they are stumbling around and going in circles. The behavior has come out of nowhere and the symptoms continue to add up rapidly right before your eyes. There is a look of confusion on their face as their eyes start to shift. See tell me which direction does your mind go? Seizure? We dealt with that with Daisy. Stroke? I have never experienced that with a dog and it seems frightening!
This is where we were with Jedi in September. I wasn’t ready for her decline although I know that is always a possibility with our Laber of Love fosters. So off to Stonyridge we go. No call just an early morning visit and we got right in. Dr. Young was quick to assure me that she quite possibly has Vestibular Disease which is common in senior dogs and is treatable. After Jedi’s blood work came back looking good, we were sent home with meds.
Jedi started improving almost right away and has no symptoms remaining. So, our girl is back to her ornery self that makes us smile every day!
Thank you all for your continued support. For more info and treatment options, click this link. 
Chastity Crowder, Fospice Mom and Board President