Toenail Care

As a dog owner keeping my dog’s toenails trimmed was always recommended to be a priority. It wasn’t until I started taking in homeless senior dogs that I realized why toenail care was such an important part of a dog’s healthy life. For whatever reason, these dogs will typically come to us with overgrown toenails that are causing them pain in their feet and even up into their joints. Then once you try to relieve the pain by trimming their toenails they are confused as to why you are touching their feet and causing them more discomfort. 

If you have not thought about the discomfort untrimmed toenails cause your dog please read the attached article. If you are not comfortable trimming your dog’s toenails, check out your local pet store and see if they offer nail trims. Groomers would be happy to assist with this service and so would your Vet’s office. Keeping our pets comfortable and healthy has many different responsibilities so please consider regular nail trims as one of them. 
Chastity Crowder, Fospice Mom and Board President