Senior Companionship 4 Seniors

Laber of Love Pet Rescue is a fospice care organization.  Our mission is to place experienced pets in loving homes for the remainder of their lives. We also realize that the companionship goes both ways offering unconditional love thus posing the question “Who rescued who?”. Attached is an article that refers to the benefits of senior adults and pet ownership.  As pet lovers, none of us can argue any of the points of the benefits of pet ownership, *Healthy behavior habits. *Improves activity. *A sense of purpose. *Increases interaction. *Relieves stress. *Companionship. The alternative to the above list is the considerations that a senior must face in order to continue to be a pet owner during this season of life. *Experienced pet owner. *Choosing the right pet. *Financial stability. In addition, the article adds that getting an older pet would be a good choice.  Laber of Love Pet Rescue could be a valuable asset when it comes to deciding whether or not a pet is an option during a senior’s years. Going back to the list of concerns it suggests that being an experienced pet owner is helpful.  While some experience is very useful,  Laber of Love has an amazing support system put in place to assist with the basic needs of a pet owner from having a trainer available to reach out to when a questionable behavior might arise. And finding the right pet is just as important to Laber of Love as it should be an honest concern for the new owner. Laber of Love volunteers will be looking for just the right fit in order to make a successful match. Finally, the financial burden that a senior might feel when wanting to take the best care of their new companion. This is where the Laber of Love family of supporters has stepped up in order for our mission to be complete. Laber of Love Pet Rescue is committed to providing the comfort care our fospice pets deserve for the remainder of their lives. We are even there if Vet visits are a problem to manage.  Laber of Love Pet Rescue is so grateful for all the love and support that is sent our way for fospice rescue! We want to continue to pay it forward by sharing the love in the best way possible, saving lives. If you are interested in knowing about ways to help or how our fospice program works check out the fospice section of our website @

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Chastity Crowder, Fospice Mom and Board President