Cancer In Dogs And Cats

Finding a lump or a bump on your pet can be scary.  I know it is for me.  As an owner of many older dogs, I’ve definitely seen my share of lumps and bumps!  Many of them turn out to be malignant and harmless, but some are not.  So how do you know the difference?  For me that is an easy answer – I ask the Vet!  I trust them to tell me what I need to worry about and what I don’t.  Sweet little Heaven has several lumps, but thankfully they are cysts that form in oil glands, sebaceous cysts, and are completely harmless.  On the other hand, Nevaeh has the beginning of a mass in her mammary chain.  This one is concerning because of the location.  It’s not necessarily cancer, but we will definitely be keeping an eye on it and so is the Vet.  We rely on them to tell us what to do for diagnosis and when the best time to do it.  That is the best advice I can give you if you feel anything talk to your Vet.

We have been through terminal cancer diagnoses, they can be devastating for us as the owner.  But knowing that the end is near can be a gift as well.  It gives us time to share special moments with our pets.  To give them some extra special spoiling and us some extra special memories to keep after they have left us.
We have also been through cancer diagnoses that are treatable; thankfully many are today.  The earlier these are found, the better the outcome for the pets.  The key is to make sure you know your pets and find new lumps and bumps early.  Seek treatment from a trusted Vet; follow their recommendations and get your pet the care he or she needs early.  It really can make all the difference!
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Nicole Laber, Fospice Mom and Board Treasurer