Planning For Your Pet Without You

What will happen to your pets if you unexpectedly become ill or pass away? Will a family member take them in? Will they be taken to the local animal shelter? Does anyone know that you have them and that they will need taken care of? These are questions that most people have never thought about or considered the answers to. Even though few pet owners have considered these questions, this is a very important topic for responsible pet owners to think about and plan for.
Unfortunately, there are many pets each year that are left alone with no plan. The owner either didn’t think anything would happen or the people they thought would step in don’t for one reason or another. These pets are left with no other option than to end up in a shelter where hopefully someone else will step in to adopt them. Unfortunately, whatever happens, the pet is scared and alone. Being with someone that the pet knows can ease that transition.
Please consider reading this article and taking some time to make a plan for your pets. Hopefully, nothing will happen and you and your pet will never need to rely on this plan, but won’t you rest easier knowing your beloved pet will be taken care of if the unthinkable does happen? I know I will!

Nicole Laber, Board Treasurer