Urinary Tract Infection & Incontinence

When you think of the issues senior dogs typically face, urinary incontinence is likely one of the first that comes to mind. There are a variety of reasons a senior dog can start having accidents in the house, and it is best to work with your Veterinarian to make sure you determine the cause and treat it accordingly.
My dachshund, Annabelle, is nearly 17 and has had incontinence issues for several years. As a spayed, senior female, she is more prone to urinary tract infections – and as a dachshund, she is even more prone to them due to nerve issues in her back that sometimes prevent her from fully emptying her bladder. She has even had one drug-resistant UTI! Since she has experienced recurrent UTIs, whenever her Vet suspects she has one, they culture her urine sample and then send it off for a sensitivity panel to determine what antibiotics will best treat the infection. I personally feel this is worth the added expense because it eliminates the trial & error of different medications and allows us to accurately treat her quickly!
UTIs are not the only incontinence issue Annabelle has faced. A few years ago, she began leaking small amounts of urine when she sat, and sometimes in her sleep! The Vet ruled out infection and other causes, and it was determined she was experiencing age-related incontinence. They prescribed a daily hormone (Incurin) – starting at a higher dose and tapering down until we found the lowest possible effective dose. I’m happy to report it’s worked perfectly and stopped her leaking!
If your senior pet is experiencing incontinence issues, check out the article below for more information, and schedule a Vet visit to determine the cause and treatment options! And I can personally recommend Amazon as an excellent source of both disposable and reusable pee pads and doggy diapers to save your floors, furniture, and sanity while you wait for your dog’s treatment to take effect! (Be sure to use Amazon Smile and choose Laber of Love as your preferred charity as an easy way to benefit fospice pets while you shop!)


Jennifer Studebaker, Board Member