Why Shelter Seniors?

“ADOPT DON’T SHOP” this is a catchphrase that has helped shape the animal community as we know it. The “Adopt Don’t Shop” Campaign has been around for years, promoting the adoption of rescue pets from animal shelters. The campaign was started by an organization based in Los Angeles called “Last Chance For Animals” founded by Chris DeRose in 1984. There had come a time that drawing attention to the wonderful adoptable pets that have found themselves in a shelter was much needed in order to make a change. Since then, in a bill sponsored by State Senator Bob Hackett, the Shelter Dog was named the official state dog of Ohio! The bill was backed by nearly 100 co-sponsors and went into effect in March 2019. All this information is encouraging for animal lovers and those that believe that the animals that end up in shelters deserve a second chance. But then you have the fact of the adoption rate of senior pets. The sad reality is that senior dogs are one of the most at risk groups in shelters as they are usually the last to be adopted, spending up to 4 times longer than a younger dog. With a 25% adoption rate, compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger dogs and puppies.
The founder of Laber of Love Pet Rescue (Nicole Laber) recognized the need for senior dogs and cats while volunteering at her local shelter. It was then she had the opportunity to assist in fostering the less adoptable senior pets in order to get them out of the shelter for the remainder of their lives. After time and finding several like-minded, passionate people Laber of Love Pet Rescue was established in August of 2019. Laber of Love Pet Rescue is a Fospice Rescue that pulls terminally ill or senior pets from shelters and places them in a home for the remainder of their lives. The board and all those involved with Laber of Love Pet Rescue find themselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to help these senior or terminally ill pets find their way out of the shelter and into their forever loving home.
Chastity Crowder, Fospice Mom and Board President