Keeping Our Pets At A Healthy Weight

Walter joined Laber of Love weighing in at 26 pounds, extremely overweight. We were fortunate that given his age and weight that his blood work didn’t show any issues. However, we were not comfortable putting him under anesthesia at that weight for his dental so the procedure had to be postponed for a few months. We are very thankful that his amazing fospice parents were able to put him on a diet and get some weight off and he was able to have the dental done a couple of weeks ago.
We all want to spoil our pets and give them all the food and treats they want. We just want them to be happy, right? But, like Walter, this leaves our pets open to being extremely overweight and at higher risk of many health issues. Heart related problems, arthritis, diabetes – there are so many health related problems whose risks are raised for obese pets. Diet and exercise are extremely important in mitigating those risks. The attached article gives some great information on the risks of an overweight pet, how to maintain a healthy weight, and how to know what a healthy weight is for your pet. Please take a moment to read so we can all keep our pets happy, and healthy, and allow them to live long lives as our best friends!
Nicole Laber, Fospice Mom and Board Treasurer