Lyme Disease Prevention

Flea and Tick protection isn’t just about keeping your pet free of those nasty fleas. It’s also about protecting against ticks, too. Yes, fleas are annoying and can cause health issues, but so can ticks. Those little bugs can cause several infections, but the most serious and potentially deadly is Lyme Disease. I am currently learning quite a bit about Lyme Disease since our newest foster Maggie has presented Lyme positive. This disease can present with many symptoms including limping and swollen joints, generalized pain, sensitivity to petting, appetite loss, decreased energy, mental decline, and weight loss. In the long term, Lyme Disease can cause damage to the heart, kidneys, and liver. Many of these symptoms are what our sweet Maggie is dealing with now, but we are hoping that the long term issues have been avoided for now at least. Unfortunately, we can treat her symptoms and put this disease in remission. It can and will flare up again and again though. And all of this was entirely preventable as quite a few of the issues that we deal with in our hospice dogs. A monthly preventative will help reduce fleas and ticks for our beloved pets. And this will cost considerably less than having to deal with the treatment and long term effects. Please take care of your pets; heartworm and flea/tick preventatives are not an option.
For more information on Lyme Disease, how it’s treated, and how to prevent it please take a look at the attached article.
Nicole Laber, Fospice Mom and Board Treasurer