Keeping Pets Comfortable, Happy & Healthy As They Age

As our pets age, we have to make some adjustments to keep them comfortable, happy, and healthy.  These adjustments may be as small as adding a supplement (as guided by your Vet).  But they can be bigger things too.  At our house, we have primarily older or sick dogs as I am sure everyone has guessed.  Some of these dogs find it hard to go up and down steps because of aching joints.  Because of this when it came time for us to move we specifically bought a house that is one story.  We also installed a ramp from the back porch down to the yard rather than them having to go up and down even those three steps.  I can definitely say that the ramp not only helps the dogs but it helps my back too – I don’t have to carry anyone up and down!  I’m not saying sell your house to make it easier for your aging pets, that’s just something we did because we knew we would have older pets at our house all the time with what we do.

There are a lot of small ways that you can help.  Pet ramps are amazing – for both indoors and outdoors.  They can help your pets get on and off the couch so that they can still be with you and are comfortable.  They can be used for the bed as well if your pets sleep with you.  A ramp can be a lifesaver for the car too!  You can buy them online or at your local pet store, or if you are handy you can make your own.

As our pets age, their nutritional needs change as well.  At your annual visit be sure to talk to your vet about diet.  There are foods designed especially for senior pets, and there are supplements and vitamins that can be added to get the right balance for your pet.  Your Vet would be happy to advise you on what is best for your situation.

Hopefully the better we take care of our aging pets, the longer they will be with us!  For more ways, you can help your aging pet be comfortable, happy, and healthy check out this article:

Nicole Laber, Fospice Mom and Board Treasurer