There is no doubt we love our pets. The companionship they give us is irreplaceable. So taking care of them is important for a long, healthy, happy life. This month’s humane education health topic is exercise. Exercise is an important key to optimal health in all dogs. This is a valuable lesson I learned from my very 1st fospice love, Hope. Hope came to us hardly able to walk or get around. She was falling all over the yard at the shelter. We brought her home thinking she would rest comfortably until it was time to say goodbye. But with this spunky girl that was not the case. She got a little more pep in her step day by day and before long, after being fed a healthy diet and getting a spine adjustment at the vet, she was going on daily walks with our girls. She kept this up for 11 months until her body made her stop. I believe those daily walks were part of what kept her healthy and happy for the remainder of her days with us.

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Chastity Crowder, Board President