The first dog that became a Laber of Love Pet, Grace, joined us with many issues. She was mostly blind and deaf, extremely overweight, and had severe arthritis. Most of the issues Grace presented with were manageable, and Grace certainly had a will to fight. However, the arthritis was so severe that we felt that her pain was no longer manageable. After giving her a week and a half of love and pampering, the decision was made to end her suffering. It was a very difficult decision, but it was the best one for her. The part that was probably the hardest for her fospice mom was knowing that her pain was more than likely preventable. Some arthritis in dogs is unavoidable, but with weight management and early detection, much of the pain and suffering can be avoided. The pain that sweet Grace went through may have been lessened or avoided all together if her owner had been aware of the dangers.  Be sure to talk with your vet about how to keep your pet trim and fit.

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