As responsible pet owners sometimes, we just listen to our vet and do what they know is best for our pets. This is true with our heartworm preventative. Without this precaution we’d be risking our pets contracting more than some annoying parasite or bug, they would be facing a life-or-death situation. This is the condition of our latest fospice rescue Daisy. She will be living out the remainder of her life being heartworm positive due to the aggressiveness of the treatment¬†and the uncertainty the effects will have on her already frail body. But this issue could have been prevented.¬† Heartworms are transmitted from a mosquito bite. It is suggested to give heartworm prevention year-round and to have your dog tested every 12 months. The treatment for heartworms can be aggressive and hard on the dog to go through. Making them sick and require bed rest for several months while going through treatment. This also can be expensive due to the number of injections and vet visits your dog will need.
This is another disease that can be prevented with regular medication and testing. This will help your dog live a happier and longer life. And give you the peace of mind that you are doing the best for your beloved pet so that you can have them around for many healthy and loving years.
Chastity Crowder, Board President