Crate Training

To crate train or not to crate train is a personal preference. The attached article states some benefits of crating your dog at any age. As a pet owner of 4 dogs and a constant foster, I could not imagine managing our k9’s without a crate set up in the house. Our household’s current dog’s ages are 14 yrs to 3 months and they are all crate trained. So, do they all use a crate? No. Each dog uses the crate according to its needs. Whether it is learning to be a calm, appropriate member of our household (puppy) or to help introduce and acclimate a new dog to our current pack(fosters). Also, a medical issue that requires a few days of rest and restrictions. These are just a few ways the crate helps create smooth transitions and comfort in a house (not quite) full of dogs.
I sometimes feel like a broken record when it comes to the benefits of crate training. This is a process that can produce calm, manageable dogs within a few months and will last a lifetime. I have explained it like this before, teaching a dog to relax on their own offers them the gift of being able to live a calm, enjoyable life. And isn’t that what we envy most about our dogs, napping when they feel like it and watching the world go by without a care in the world?
It is never too late to crate train a dog.
Some things to remember are:
*Crate training is not only putting your dog in a crate when you leave the house. This is a big reason dogs do not accept the crate when being introduced to this form of training.
*Using a crate for a reset or time out before you are fed up with a certain behavior is not a punishment, it is part of the training. Make it short and remember to redirect the correct choice when you let them out.
*Your dog will more likely have to be crated at some point in their life so why not set them up for a stress-free experience. This will also relieve some stress for you when having to leave your pet behind.
As always Laber of Love Pet Rescue thanks everyone for their continued support. Loving our furry family members is one of the greatest blessings we are given. Thank you LOL family for doing your part in saving lives and making a difference!

Chastity Crowder, Fospice Mom and Board President