As we have shared, Laber of Love Pet Rescue recently took a dog into our care that was diagnosed as a diabetic. While we do not regret the decision to bring Layla into our rescue, her case has been an expensive one. Because she was in very poor shape when she arrived in our care, she was rushed to the Vet where she remained for 4 days. She is now on 18 units of insulin twice daily, a very large dose, in order to try to get her blood sugar levels under control. She is also on a special diet which is quite expensive. Laber of Love Pet Rescue and its supporters are now caring for and paying the expenses of a dog that someone chose to let get to this stage and then abandoned.  This disease is almost always preventable or, if caught early, managed. This ordeal and expense could have all been avoided for sweet Layla and many other pets.

To learn about the disease of diabetes and how to prevent your pet from being a victim please read this article.


These are easy but very important steps that you can take to keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come!